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Questions & Answers

1.   Question: Do Gordon Setters come in any colours other than black and tan?

Answer: Yes they do but other colours are not very common in Australia. So far the only other colour that has occurred is liver rather than black. See article on red and liver Gordons. The most common non standard colours around the world are a red or a tan colour instead of black. Also it is not uncommon for Gordons to have a small amount of white.

Please note that in a Gordons, a colour other than black and tan is a "disqualifying" fault and the dog can not be shown in the breed ring and should not be bred from.

2.   Question: I have been told I should have a genetic test done on my bitch if I plan to breed her because she might be a carrier of the liver gene. How can I have the test done?

Answer: Some Gordons are more likely than others to be carriers of the liver or the red gene. See article on red and liver Gordons for contact detals of the testing laboratory that offers the appropriate genetic test.